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Spencer Plaza---One Stop Shop for Everything

Spencer Plaza

Google Map:
Spencer Plaza
Address: 769,Anna Salai,Tamilnadu 600002
Phone:044 28330088
Landmark:Next to Taj Connemara
Mount Road
Shopping:Everything in single place.

Spencer Plaza, one of the biggest shopping malls in South Asia, is located on Mount Road (officially known as Anna Salai), and is one of the landmarks of the modern Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India.Spencer Plaza stocks everything ranging from branded clothes and jewelry to bags and trinkets.The mall is well placed and easily accessible. Though crowded it is the best place to shop for so many items that you don't get in the market with ease.
The best part about Spencer is its organized parking.It is best place to Hangout with friends and window shopping .There are three phases to this mall.
Let us Discuss it one by one .


If you are looking for wide variety of clothes then Spencer Plaza is the Place to be . You can buy formal , Casual clothes . You have branded stores such as Sting and Derby in Third Phase,
Pantaloon and Westside in First Phase for both men and women.The mall also has a many shops in various phases for non branded formal and casual wear for men and women.T-Shirts(Rs200), Shirts(Rs300-500) , Formal Pants(Rs 500) and Casual Pants (Rs250-1000). You also get wide variety of designer shirts that are trendy and tight fit.For jeans you have all the brand you can find from LEE, Levis to Normal Jeans(Rs350).
The T-shirts in some shops are not good may tear after 2 to 3 washes , Must be careful of the material.For ladies you can get Tops for around 300 to 400Rs , you must bargain in these shops to reduce the price.I generally don't prefer to buy clothes in Spencer.


Name the brand you have in Spencer there are so many shops to buy for Shoes and Sandals. You have Adidas, Nike and Rebook showroom in 1st floor of Third phase . Bata Shoes shop for Power shoes and sandals are also available in Third Phase.Liberty Shoes direct dealer shop is also present.There is no Action shoe shop in Chennai , you cab get this brands in some shops no direct dealer .You also have shops that sell non branded shoes .


The Food Mall in Third Phase

You have all kinds of restaurant in Spencer Plaza ,ranging from Indian,Chinese,French,Tibetan and many others.The Food court in 3rd Phase has lot of eateries to satisfy the people who visit the plaza. Pizza hut provides pizza with Pepsi,South Indian Thali at Sangeetha,Naan and north Indian Dishes in Tandoori Express, The Noodle House for people who like Chinese and Cakes in French Loaf.My advice with food court is wait for 5 to 6 menu cards before you order as it gives you lot of options with wide range of prices .You will at last spend about 500rs once you enter this place.

Spencer Plaza has a brand new food outlet, Mo'Town Momos, on the 2nd Floor, near the old food court. They are serving momos - healthy and exotic Tibetan dumplings with a variety of stuffing. Mo'Town Momos are at present serving 5 different varieties of momos - Classic Veg, Classic Chicken, Cheesy Capsicum, Mushroom Sweet Corn, and Mutton. These are very reasonably priced between Rs. 35 for Classic Veg and Rs. 65 for the Mutton. They serve 6 momos per plate - the momos themselves being quite big in size.

The food Mall in First Phase

You also have Saravana Bhavan is situated in 1st Phase and Arun ice cream unlimited in 3 rd phase for ice cream .The best shop to have ice cream in Spencer is this place for around 40Rs. Cookie man situated also provides icecream that are costly but expensive around Rs100 for a scoop ,walking just to right of it you can find a Rajasthani chat store which is always crowded you get tasty dahi Kachori, Bhel poori and other chat items .Sri Mithai Sweets another place to have snacks , You get chola Puri (Rs35) and all variety of north indian sweets .


You have Landmark situated in 3 rd Phase . This is the biggest Landmark in Chennai . you get all the books but discounts are very less.Landmark has lot of books,Toys, Jewelery and some T-shirts . You have ample place to sit and go through the book before you can buy it . You also get movie CD and DVD's .Ceramic items are also available.

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