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Vandalur Zoo

Vandalur Zoo(Aringar Anna Zoological Park) is about 25Kms from Chennai city on the NH45 national highway (the same road as Chennai Airport, Tambaram railway station) and driving there is easy once you cross Tambaram.Anna Zoological Park popularly known as Vandalur Zoo is spread over a sprawling area of 602 hectares.It is one of the largest zoo in south East Asia . There is ample car parking available inside the zoo premises. The Chennai suburban electric train service is another way to reach the zoo ,But the Railway Station is 2 Km away from the Zoo.There are lots buses operating from all parts of the city to reach the Zoo.The buses drop you in front of the Zoo which is more comfortable than Train.People Coming by train can get down at Tambaram and take a Bus to the Zoo. There are ample Number of buses available.

The zoo is open from 9.00am to 8.00pm all days, except Tuesdays. One can easily end up walking 10-15 km across the stretch of the park. The battery-operated vehicles are also available for rent. However, there are only 5-7 vehicles. Each vehicle carries approximately 15-20 people. Around 20-25 Bicycles are present to go around the Zoo. I feel Bicycle would be a better option then going in Battery car as it is Eco friendly and enough time to take photographs.
You can cover the entire zoo in multiple ways:
    1. By walk
    2. By renting a cycle (just after the entrance in front of Hotel Tamilnadu)
    3. Buy a ride in the electric golf-carts (you need to wait for this in a queue)
    4. Buy a ticket in the zoo tours (in motor van or trams, these are to be booked in advance for the same day)
The zoo charges for entry are Adults: Rs.20, Children: Rs.10 and for Photo camera: Rs.25.

Elephant safari(9:30-11:30 am and 4:30-6:30 pm) and Lion Safari (9:30-4:30 ) are also present.The Lion Safari lasts for about 20 minutes and runs every hour twice. You are taken in a special caged van to a special enclosed area inside the zoo where lions are free to roam. The vehicle you are in goes very near to the Lions who are oblivious to our presence inside the van. If you are visiting Vandalur Zoo don't miss this tour. If we can reach the Zoo by 9:00 am then it would be easy to get the bicycle . First we must finish the lion safari as number of tourist increases .

A wide range of animal life is habituated in this zoo. Animals can be seen in large open island type enclosure, with wet and dry moats and hidden walls with simulated natural environment. There are totally 81 enclosures. More than 170 species of mammals, aviaries and reptiles are exhibited in the zoo.

It would better if the plan to visit on weekdays as it wont be crowded. I am very happy that the number of food center is less and there is only one hotel that is situated in the entrance .This makes the Zoo free of garbage.Food items in plastic covers are not allowed this makes the Zoo Plastic Free. There is also a Aavin Parlour for refreshing yourself ,The food in Tamilnadu Restaurant is not so tasty but I prefer to have curd Rice which is safe for your stomach .The restaurant also provide Biryani and Chicken 65 which gets finished very soon. Only self service option available in restaurant .It is crowded near the billing section and delivery section.The authorities can improve on the Restaurant to make it more attractive and clean.A small boy outside the restaurant sells Lime Juice and Maaza .There are lot of waters cans available in the Zoos for refilling your bottles.Ty to have lunch by 12:45 as the restaurant wont be crowded .The Zoo is clean and most of the animals are not caged which enables the animals to be free

The White Tiger

I visited the Zoo to see the White tiger and Royal Indian Bengal Tiger it was really beautiful and I couldn't believe why people Kill them they are such gorgeous animals .When you see them they are definition of strength, beauty and intelligence. Please save Tigers if you see them then you will also join the campaign Save Tigers. There are 2 Bengal tigers one male and female , It was great opportunity that I could see them playing.

Royal Indian Bengal Tiger
Stone boards reveal the zoological nature, feeding, mating and breeding habits of the animals. The trees bear placards with their botanical name and other details. The zoo is woody,with plenty of trees.

Varieties of Deer(Barking deer, Sambar, Blackbuck, Nilgai, Sangai, Hog deer).Monkey species(Nilgiri Langur, the endangered lion-tailed Macaque, Baboon, Hanuman Langur and Leaf capped Langur)Carnivores like the tiger, lion, panther, jaguar,Wolf, Jackal, Hyena.
Elephants, giraffes, camels,llama,Otter,Star tortoises and snakes can also be seen.

Don't forget to visit the Jaguar and the leopard.I had the opportunity to see the jaguar very near the cage ,It instilled a sense of fear but I was mesmerized by the eyes of it . It is huge, strong and very Cute ....Now I could that it could take down a deer very easily ,The fur coat was so pleasant colored .. I was admiring until it gave a huge sound .I could Imagine how beautiful it would be in the wild...

The Jaguar

The Australian Cassowary

A few exotic species like the Emu and Cassowary, which are flightless birds from Australia, attract attention

The Emu

The other attractions in the zoo are:
  • Nocturnal animal house
  • Safari Park
  • A walk-through aviary
  • Pre-historic animal park
  • Reptile section
  • Prey-Predator enclosures
  • Zoo education and interpretation
  • An aquarium.
If you wish to see the entire zoo, you will need a full day (nearly from dawn to dusk) to cover it. Keep a good pair of walking shoes, sun cap, drinking water, food & eatables . No plastic covers are allowed so it better to bring food in paper bags.

Some bus Routes:E18,B18,A18,G18,500,518
Bus routes can be checked in :
It is about 1 hour from Koyambedu bus terminus(CMBT). All train from Beach Station stop in Tambaram and Trains going to Chengalpattu stop in Vandalur Station.

I would rate this place

Additional Information

  • Reaching by bus is easier as it drops you in front of the Zoo.
  • Restaurant is present only in the entrance which provides very normal food.
  • Don't litter the place with Plastics.
  • Don't harm or feed the animals.
  • Place is clean,Peaceful and maintained very well


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